THE BEST EXHAUST EVER! Subaru WRX Invidia N1 Racing Exhaust

The Best Exhaust Ever!

THE BEST EXHAUST EVER! Subaru WRX Invidia N1 Racing Exhaust – If you’re thinking about buying an exhaust for your Subaru WRX you may want to consider the Invidia N1 Racing Exhaust. Yes it’s loud. Yes the neighbors will hate you. Yes it sounds fantastic!

When it comes to finding the perfect exhaust system for your car you have to find that balance between volume and tone. Too much volume from an exhaust can become noise after awhile, especially when you’re trying to listen to the radio or talk on the phone (via blue tooth of course). You also have to take into consideration other drivers around you and your neighbors (if you like them).

I have found that the Invidia N1 Racing Exhaust is a bit on the loud side. It offers a fantastic tone and good performance however on long trips this is not the exhaust of choice. For around town and local drives it’s fantastic. The sound can’t be beat. I have tried other exhaust systems and right now this is my favorite.

I will be testing a hybrid of the Invidia Q300 muffler mated to the N1 midpipe to try and achieve a balance between volume and performance. I will post a video of the results.

Come for a ride with me in my Subaru WRX, listen to the Invidia N1 Racing Exhaust and judge for yourself.

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