Cheesy Pizza Wrapped Lamborghini LP 640 for Fast Delivery

This is the “cheesiest” thing that this guy has done for some dough. Pun intended. You’re looking at a Lamborghini LP 640 Murciélago dressed as a pizza.

Why take a beautiful Lamborghini and dress it as a pizza you ask? Well, apparently Rob from superspeedersRob on YouTube, decided to make some extra dough by promoting the Push for Pizza app and wrap his Lamborghini in a Pizza themed design.

Cheesy-Pizza-Wrapped-LamborghiniThere’s no question that the pizza will surely get there fast and fresh if it’s being delivered by the Lambo. The Lamborghini is going to be used to promote the Push for Pizza app over the next four months as it tours multiple college campuses across the east coast.

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