Civic D16 Turbo beats Nissan GTR Alpha 7

Civic D16 Turbo beats Nissan GTR Alpha 7 is not a headline that you come across every day.

I met Jun and saw his Civic D16 Turbo in action at Great Lakes Dragaway in August just a few months back. I have to say that Jun is one of the most humble and decent racers that I have met at that track. I was at the dragstrip with my two sons testing and tuning my WRX when we noticed Jun’s Turbo Civic. This car didn’t look like much. It was a total sleeper. In fact, you would never imagine that this car was purchased for $600 and ran a ten second quarter mile. You heard me correctly. This thing is a stealth killing machine. Obviously he’s put some hard work and money into the car since he purchased it to get it to that ten second quarter mile ET.

For someone who was destroying just about every car at the track that drove in that day (and plenty of trailered cars as well) he sure was cool about it. He was totally respectful to the drivers of the cars he crushed that day. Which is why I’m writing about Jun. He deserves respect for what he’s accomplished.
Honda-Civic-D16-Turbo-beats-Alpha-7-Nissan-GTRHe took a $600 Civic and with hard work and on a budget, turned it into a supercar destroyer.
You don’t need to spend $120k+ on a car to bring to the dragstrip in order to have fun and kick ass. Jun has proven that. Now check out Jun and his Civic D16 Turbo crush a 700 hp Nissan GTR Alpha 7. After watching the video visit Jun’s YouTube channel to see more of his Civic D16 Turbo in action and learn more about how he turned a $600 single cam Civic into a supercar killing machine.
10-Second-Honda-Civic-D16-Turbo 2014-nissan-gtr Civic D16 Turbo beats Nissan GTR Alpha 7 Honda-Civic-D16-Turbo


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