Honda Civic Type R vs CBR1000RR Track Battle

Honda Civic Type R vs aCBR1000RR. Now who do you think is going to win this battle?

Let’s be honest. When I first saw the video I figured how can anyone even attempt to race one of the top winning Moto GP superbikes on the planet against a Honda Civic. Before I even watched the video I figured the Civic Type R didn’t stand a chance. BTCC legend Matt Neal and British Superbike racer Dan Linfoot decided they were going to give it a go.

Dan predicted: “Really, out of a corner and down the straight the Civic doesn’t stand a chance, even though it has a top speed of 167mph.”

Honda Civic Type R vs CBR1000R

The Civic gets a 10 second head start, which is only fair, and gets off to a good lead. Lets be realistic though. The best racing driver in the world couldn’t beat a 178 hp, 440 lb superbike in a 306 hp, 3050 lb Honda Civic. Could he? Watch the video below and find out.

honda civic typer dashcbr1000rr repsol

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