Insane 3200 HP Turbo Camaro Destroys Everything!

This 3200 HP big block, twin turbo Camaro is absolutely insane!

We’ve all seen some pretty quick Camaros over the years but this 3200 horsepower, big block, twin turbo Camaro is an absolute tire shredding, no mercy, drag car killing machine.


3200-HP-Turbo-CamaroThe “Birdman” Camaro takes home $10,000 after winning a series of races in this latest event.  Watch the video as the car destroys all competition in its path.

Watch as the Birdman battles “YOUR MOM”, Mike Murillo’s LaFawndah Turbo Mustang, Amoris / Bola De Humo’s 1000hp rotary RX7, and a 2500hp Nitrous Opel GT to take home the win!

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