JDM Chicago Car Meet – Season Closer 2015

We had the opportunity to attend the 2015 JDM Chicago Season Closer Car Meet on Saturday, October 17th. Let me tell you, that was a fantastic turnout!

We captured some great footage of all the best cars at the meet. From the Nissan GT-R and Subaru WRX to the Mazda RX-3 and everything else in between, we’ve captured them all for you to enjoy.JDM-Chicago-Car-Meet-Season-Closer-2015

JDM Chicago is a great organization of car enthusiasts that promote fun import car events. They’re always pros when hosting their events which makes them great for import car fans of all ages. Kick back and relax as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the JDM Chicago 2015 Season Closer Car Meet.

JDM Chicago 2015 Season Closer Miata

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