Mazda Miata Stuck Throttle Fix and Power Testing Joy Ride

Mazda Miata Stuck Throttle Fix and Power Testing Joy Ride – Well it wouldn’t be a Mazda Miata without a stuck throttle cable would it?

Join us as we apply a fix to the Miata’s sticking throttle cable and then go for a joy ride just to make sure it works.

Our story begins when Brandon and I are out one night in the Miata testing out the new ISR exhaust. We’re driving in a 55 mph zone at night and Brandon floors the car. No big deal right? Wrong! The throttle stuck wide open and a temporary panic set in.

Brandon, being a new driver, was unsure of the best method to handle the situation. His initial response was to shut off the motor, I don’t think that would have been the wisest choice.

Brandon pushed in the clutch and I instructed him to tap the throttle in an attempt to dislodge the struck throttle. It worked!

The next day I proceeded to thoroughly clean the throttle body with throttle body cleaner. I also made sure to take up any extra slack in the mechanical throttle cable itself to help prevent the cable from binding.

It’s important not to make the throttle cable too tight or this may cause the throttle plate to remain open too much, creating a fast idle condition.

So far the cleaning and adjusting of the throttle body and linkage seems to have done the job. We removed a ton of varnish from the throttle body and the Miata seems to be running better than ever.

Now on to installing a set of TEIN Street Advance Z coil overs and fixing a worn crankshaft key way. Fun stuff.

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