SSR 125 Pit Bike Carb Fix – Engine Dies When You Turn off the Choke

SSR 125 Pit Bike Carb Fix – Your engine dies when you turn off the choke. What do you do?

When your motorcycle or pit bike engine dies as you turn off the choke, it’s most likely going to be a result of a blocked pilot jet. If your motorcycle engine hasn’t been started for a long time and you leave gas in the carburetor, varnish and gunk can build up in the jets and potentially block the flow of fuel to your engine.

If your motorcycle only runs with the choke on that usually means that the engine is not getting enough fuel from the low speed carburetor circuit. That translates in most cases to a blocked pilot jet. Don’t worry, this is an easy fix and usually you don’t need any new parts for the carburetor.

Please note: This video pertains to an SSR 125 pit bike and pilot jet however, you can apply this same method to fix most any motorcycle carburetor. Your pilot jet may look slightly different but should be located in the same general area under the float bowl. Refer to your motorcycle’s manual for details.

Watch our video below to see how to clean your pilot jet and carburetor and get your bike back on the road where it belongs.

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