Subaru WRX STi 10 Second Blast Video

The Subaru WRX STi is a fast car right off the dealer lot, but a 10 second Subaru is a beast!

When Paul Walker said to Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious,”You owe me a 10 second car,” I believe he was referring to something along the lines of CJ’s WRX. Vin then proceeded to steal a WRX STi and hand it over to Paul. Coincidence it was a Subaru WRX? I don’t think so.

Subaru-WRX-STi-10-Second-Blast-Video Featured Subaru-WRX-STi-10-Second-Blast-Video Subaru-WRX-STi-10-Second-Blast-Video-2 Subaru-WRX-STi-10-Second-Blast-Video-3 Subaru-WRX-STi-10-Second-Blast-Video-4 Subaru-WRX-STi-10-Second-Blast-Video-5What you’re looking at is one of the fastest stock block Subaru WRX STi’s out there. This little monster makes it power from a big upgraded turbo by Forced Performance and obviously a killer tune by JrTuned.

The car runs the stock long block and stock 6-speed transmission which means there’s a lot of fast shifting that needs to be done in order to run consistent 10 seconds quarter mile passes.

I drive a 12 second 2014 WRX myself so I know what it feels like to go fast. I could only imagine the smile this 10 second, supercar stomping, WRX brings to CJ’s face every time he drives it. Watch this thing dominate the dragstrip in the video below.

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