This 2100 HP Nissan GT-R is Crazy Fast!

The Nissan GT-R is a fearsome performer right off the show room floor. When you turn up the horsepower to 2100 it becomes a screaming, unstoppable, bullet.

I’ve seen a lot of GT-R’s but this one is a real killer. This thing is built to the hilt and has undergone a massive upgrade.

2100HP-Nissan-GT-RFrom the heads to the turbos and everything else in between this GT-R has what it takes to turn a 7 second quarter mile. The Forced Performance turbos help push the engine to a staggering 2100 HP. This bad boy can lay down a 7 second quarter mile on the track and then drive home. Yes, it’s street legal.

Free Breathing 2100HP-Nissan-GT-R

2100HP-Nissan-GT-RIf you happen to be in Texas and see this GT-R pull up next to you, don’t bother. Just smile and let him go.┬áCheck out the video of this GT-R from hell dominate at the drag strip.

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