Uber Driver Attacked – Fights Back with Pepper Spray

Driving for Uber sounded like a good idea until Edward Caban got attacked by a drunk passenger.

Edward Caban, like thousands of others, thought that driving for Uber would be a good way to make some cash. Perhaps for awhile it was. When you pick up hundreds or even thousands of passengers, over time the odds are stacked against you that you’re bound to pickup an unruly rider.

Uber-Driver-Attacked-by-Drunk-PassengerUber-Driver-AttackedUber-Driver-Attacked-in-CaliforniaIn the video posted by Edward things seem to start to go wrong when the passenger appears to be too drunk to give Edward directions to his destination. The passenger begins to get belligerent and aggressive, and refused to put his seat belt on.

At this point Edward decides enough is enough. He ends the trip and asks the passenger to get out of the car. The passenger then responds by attacking Edward until he’s forced to respond with pepper spray to defend himself.

Driving a cab can be a dangerous job. You can watch the dash cam video below that Edward shot as the attack occured. We’ll see if Uber will step up and cover any work related medical expenses that Edward incurred while driving for them.

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