V6 Mustang SMOKES a 720hp GT-R!!!


When you think of a RACE CAR what comes to mind? I guarantee it’s not a V6 Mustang! I’m also certain that the outcome of this race will surprise the hell out of you!

The kicker is that they weren’t event giving it ALL OF THE NITROUS – Listen to him playing with him. This car built by Limitless Performance is NO JOKE!

Props to the GT-R owner, he was a really cool guy, and loved seeing this Stang throw down on the street!

Limitless Performance’s 575hp 3.7L 6-Cylinder Mustang AKA “The WEIRD SOUNDING STANG” or “Killer 6” takes down one of the KINGS of the street, a 720hp turbo upgraded AWD Nissan GT-R during the Street Car Takeover HOUSTON event at night.

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