Yamaha Bobber Seat Chop Mod

Yamaha Bobber Seat Chop Mod – So I finally got around to chopping that fat, stock Yamaha Bobber seat down to size.

The bike is 2000, Yamaha XV250 Virago. The stock seat was nice and cushy but it really made the bike look a bit goofy and bloated. Now the Virago looks nice and lean with a definite custom look. Now that the seat has been chopped it makes the rear fender look a bit fat. What do you think? I think it may be time for more mods to the bike. As the bike sits, it weighs about 275 lbs or less. If I keep stripping it down a strong wind will blow the thing over. Regardless, the Yamaha XV250 is a great little bike to mod and cruise around town with.

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