Yamaha R6 vs BMW M4 Coupe

What happens when you race a Yamaha R6 against a BMW M4 Coupe. Lets find out, shall we?

It’s a battle of the supercar versus the superbike, a battle that never gets old to me, that’s for sure. The performance specs on both of these vehicles is incredible and should make for one hell of a highway competition. On the drag strip however, the R6 would clearly prevail.

Yamaha-R6-vs-BMW-M4 Yamaha-R6-vs-BMW-M4 Yamaha-R6-vs-BMW-M4 Yamaha-R6-vs-BMW-M4Lets look at the performance specs of the challengers:

Horsepower 425
0-60 3.9 sec
1/4 Mile 12.1 sec@119 mph
Top Speed 155

Yamaha R6
Horsepower 122
0-60 3.0 sec
1/4 Mile 10.67 sec@131 mph
Top Speed 160

You can see from the performance specs that the R6 clearly has the advantage. A slower vehicle with a great driver can still beat a weaker driver in a faster vehicle. Lets just see how that equates in real world driving. Which ride would you rather be driving?

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