Yamaha Virago XV250 Night Blast Loud Pipe Fun

Yamaha Virago XV250 Night Blast Motovlog

Yamaha Virago XV250 Night Blast – Loud Pipe Fun Motovlog

What’s better than taking out the open piped Yamaha XV250 on a crisp Chicago night? Not much. I love the sound of the raspy exhaust of the Yamaha ringing in my ears.

Some motorcycle riders insist that you have to ride a 600 cc sized bike or larger to have fun. I say not true. I love riding the my Yamaha XV250 Virago Bobber. The bike is stripped down to about 300 pounds and handles incredibly well. It’s not fast, but it’s quick for a 250 cc bike.

I would recommend the Yamaha XV250 to anyone who is looking for a fun city cruiser bike. It’s a blast to drive and gets you in and out of traffic easily.

Join me as I take the loud, evil Virago XV250 Cafe Bobber on a night blast around town. We’ll discuss the Yamaha XV250 Virago, pizza, motorcycle safety and anything else that comes to mind. Let’s go for a ride. It’ll be a blast, trust me!

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